Used Marco_Nidek RT600 for sale
Used Marco_Nidek RT600 for sale
Used Marco_Nidek RT600 for sale
Marco / Nidek...

Marco / Nidek...

The Nidek RT 600 Refractor has smooth and precise measurement of spherical and cylindrical features.

Measurement of spherical features can be made in the range between +16.75 and -19.00D, for cylindrical features between 0.00 and -6.00D, each adjustable in increments of 0.25D.

Even greater accuracy can be obtained by making measurements in 0.12D increments by using the auxiliary lenses. This permits an increased range of between +26.75 and -29.00D for spherical measurements and up to -8.00D for cylindrical measurements. In addition, the spherical power quick forwarding dial can be used to make adjustments in 3.00D step intervals, resulting in efficient, as well as accurate, measurements.

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Product Specifications

Unique Cross Cylinder Configuration

Both the cylinder axis and cross cylinder lens can be engaged which permits easy control with a simple turn of the cross cylinder knob.

Auxiliary Lenses

A full complement of auxiliary lenses are built in, enabling any type of measurement.

Convergence System

Shifting the convergence lever to the inside lets the patient be examined under optimum conditions.

Measurement Range

Sphere: +16.75 – 19.00D
Cylinder: 0.00D – 6.00D
Axis: 0 – 180 degrees
Prism: 0 – 20

Measurement Increments

Sphere: .025D
Cylinder: 0.25D