Used Burton XL-3000 Chair and Stand for sale
Used Burton XL-3000 Chair for sale
Burton XL-3000 Chair...

Burton XL-3000 Chair...

The Burton XL-3000 is a full featured chair and stand with a strong history of reliability and consistent performance. The chair is a power up/down with a manual recline paired with a foot switch and chair controls on the stand.

The sturdy construction of the Burton XL-3000 give a feeling of quality and many years of reliable use and a good return on investment.  The stand is fully featured as well starting with built in charging wells, built in transformer with binding posts and rheostat for BIO.

At the touch of a switch the slit lamp, chart projector and third arm can be activated from the stand as well. Comes standard with a lamp and rheostat control for room illumination.

The slit lamp arm is a hand release, at the touch of a button the slit lamp effortlessly operates up or down and can be balanced to any slit lamp by simply adjusting the weights in the stand.

Made of cast iron base and steel body the stand is very sturdy and well-built to provide many years of service and a good return on investment.

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Product Specifications

Used Burton XL-3000 Chair & Stand

Electrical: 120Volts
Foot print: 40”L 50”W 65”H
Weight: Approx. 600lbs.
Up/Down: Electric/Hydraulic
Recline: Manual
BIO: 6V-12V
Lamp: Rheostat 60 Watt
Charging Wells: 4 Volt DC