Used Pachmate 2 for sale
Used Pachmate 2 for sale
Used Pachmate 2 for sale
DGH Pachmate 2

DGH Pachmate 2


Turn on power and the DGH Pachmate 2 is ready to take pachymetry measurements. Contact the probe tip to any location on the cornea, and the Pachmate 2 will obtain and store up to 25 pachymetry measurements in less than 2 seconds. Audible feedback indicates when a valid measurement is complete. After bilateral measurements have been completed, the measurements can be reviewed on the 16 character by 2 line LCD which provides easy visibility of the current measurement, the average, and the standard deviation of all measurements taken.

With the push of a button, the DGH Pachmate 2 will wirelessly transmit pachymetry measurements for up to 20 patients directly to a PC or Bluetooth® printer. After the measurement sequence is complete, the user has the option of wirelessly transmitting all results and patient information directly to a Bluetooth® enabled printer and/or transmit the results and patient information back to the PC for report generation and printing.

The DGH Pachmate 2 has been designed to allow the user to personalize the operational mode, number of measurements taken, adjustment of time delays, etc. Once modified, these parameters are permanently stored in its memory.

Handheld, battery operated, and lightweight, the DGH Pachmate 2 pachymeter will fit easily into any lab coat or pocket. The Pachmate 2 probe rotates to allow the user to customize measurement position. When not in use, the probe can be rotated into the hand piece for protection while being transported or stored. The probe is also detachable and can easily be removed by the operator for cleaning or, if necessary, for replacement. The Pachmate 2 has a minimum lifetime of 10 years and an industry leading 3-year warranty.


  • Electronic calibration standard
  • 20 MHz detachable probe
  • DGH Connect software installation media
  • Installation and quick start guide
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Custom carrying case.
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Product Specifications

Used DGH Pachmate 2

Measurement Range Standard: 200 microns to 1100 microns
Accuracy ± 5 microns
Resolution 1 micron
Internal Clock Accuracy ±0.002%
Dimensions 7.1” (181 mm) Length x 1.6” (41 mm) Width x 0.9” (23 mm) Depth
Weight 3.6 Ounces (112 grams)
Power Requirement Two (2) AAA batteries