Used Topcon KR-8000 for sale
Used Topcon KR-8000 for sale
Used Topcon KR-8000 for sale
Used Topcon KR-8000 for sale
Topcon KR-8000

Topcon KR-8000

Topcon KR-8000 Auto Kerato-Refractometer

The innovative design of the KR-8000 enables accurate, reliable refraction and keratometric measurements within a pupil dilation as narrow as 2.0mm. This means easier and more precise diagnostic results when dealing with glaucoma, asymmetric pupils, or elderly patients.

Totally reliable and totally accurate with Topcon’s Rotary Prism Measuring System, our advanced rotary prism principle is able to obtain highly reliable data. The off-centered ring target is able to measure areas previously occluded by a small pupil. The prism angle enables a much wider fundus area to be measured. Accordingly, the measurement image provides extremely reliable data.

The cutting edge in Auto Kerato-Refractometry. Superior optics, combined with state-of-the-art electronics technology, enables the KR-8000 to offer unmatched quality of performance with the widest possible range of refraction and keratometry measurements and objective testing capability. Totally accurate at pupil dilations as small as 2.0mm, these instruments make it fast and easy to obtain the precise diagnostic data you need, even for patients with conditions that complicate results with other equipment.

  • Features
  • Auto-measurement
  • Scenic fixation chart
  • Omni-directional joystick
  • Ergonomically-designed chinrest
  • Auto shut-down
  • Automatic PD measurement
  • Corneal diameter measurement
  • Control panel
  • Printing measurement results
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Product Specifications

Sphere -25 to +22D in 0.25D step (0.12D step available)
Cylinder 0 to ±8D in step 0.25D (0.12D step available)
Axis 1° to 180° in 1° and 5° step
Minimal pupil dia 2.0mm ø
Corneal refraction 67.5D thru 33.75D
Corneal astigmatism 0D thru ±10D
Corneal astigmatism axial angle 1° thru 180°
Corneal curvature radius 0.01 mm
Corneal axis angle 1° / 5°

(Range; 2-13mm / Step; 0.25mm)
Printer Built-in
Vertex distance 0, 12.0 and 13.75mm
Energy saving Mode
Power supply 100, 120, 220, 240V
Weight  41lbs.
Dimensions 275(W) X 475(D) X 450(H